A premium fashion brand for women which is committed to challenging the fashion industry norms by curating clothes to support & enhance every shape, size and age.







The concept

Mamicha Brand Universe

HMLC embarked on a revolutionary journey with Mamicha, creating a brand universe where every woman is celebrated. Through a comprehensive revamp of the brand identity, we breathed new life into Mamicha, instilling it with strong brand values such as fearlessness, power, body positivity, and strength, resulting in a distinctive brand personality that resonates with the audience on an emotional level.

This unique brand persona has fostered a strong sense of community among women, which we named Mamicha Muse. With Mamicha Muse, the brand aims to convey that every woman, regardless of her colour, shape, size, or age, is an inspiration behind Mamicha clothing. 

As a brand by women, for women, Mamicha caters to diverse types of women, embracing inclusivity and empowerment at its core.

The problem

Problem Identification

We identified multiple problems with the product as well as strategy level: 

1. Lack of Brand Structure: 

Mamicha was all over the place when the founder reached out to us. The brand lacked a proper internal & external structure & had its hands in every product category. 

2. Communication Gap with the TG:

Despite having a noble cause, Mamicha struggled to effectively communicate its values to its intended audience, resulting in a misalignment between brand messaging and consumer perception.

3. Inconsistency: 

The brand's inconsistent visuals failed to convey the true quality of its products, leading to a disconnect between product pricing and perceived value.

4. Poor Digital Experience 

Mamicha's digital presence was inferior, with an unresponsive website built on a basic E-commerce template that did not align with the brand's communication strategy, resulting in a suboptimal user experience. 

5. Product Pricing: 

The brand's pricing structure lacked a coherent strategy, resulting in a significant gap between product pricing and perceived value, leading to potential customer hesitation.

6. Weak Brand Credibility:

Mamicha’s scattered approach -  misaligned values, inconsistent product offerings, and ineffective communication strategies - resulted in a lack of credibility and eroded trust among its audience.

The solution

HMLC Solution

In-Depth Market Research: Unveiling the Gap in Plus-Size Fashion for Indian Women

Our research delved extensively into domestic and international premium apparel and fashion markets. As we conducted interviews to understand the perception of fashion among Indian women, a striking gap in the market for plus-size women in India emerged.

We observed that stylish design options were limited for plus-size women, leading to a lack of diversity in their wardrobes. Further investigation revealed significant whitespace in the plus-size fashion segment, with a willingness among plus-size ladies to invest in their wardrobe choices.

Leveraging our comprehensive research tools, we thoroughly assessed the challenges plus-size women face in the Indian fashion industry. This profound understanding of the market gap enabled us to assist the brand Mamicha in carving out a unique niche in the fiercely competitive industry.

Brand Positioning: 

By identifying the unmet needs of plus-size women and helping Mamicha address these challenges, we empowered the brand to establish a distinctive position in the market, and thus move from following a Red Ocean Strategy to a Blue Ocean Strategy. 

Distribution Channels:

Earlier, the brand faced rejections from well-reputed multi-brand platforms like Nykaa Luxe, but after our guidance and brand-building activities using the HMLC Foundation Framework, Mamicha was able to build a reputation for itself in terms of strong brand values and brand personality.

Strategic placement of the brand products across various platforms allowed the brand to establish its brand value and build its credibility and trust among the audience. 

Brand Credibility:

Today, Mamicha is available on multi-brand platforms like Nykaa Fashion (The largest multi-brand platform in India), Ogaan & Elahe ( Well renowned multi-brand platform for all the premium and luxury brands) and Amala Earth (a multi-brand platform for consciously curated brands)

With the given brand foundations, multi-brand stores across India and the world like Tata Cliq Luxury have approached Mamicha to feature on their platforms. 

Revamped Digital Experience:

Under our guidance, the Mamicha website underwent a complete redesign to elevate the customer experience and move away from the mass brand approach and typical e-commerce setup.

HMLC conducted extensive research on consumer online buying patterns, leveraging this insight to meticulously design and develop various elements of the website, including layout, placement, colours, illustrations, content, and features, with the goal of delivering a seamless purchase journey.

The results speak for themselves, with a significant increase in website traffic by 45%. Organic website purchases skyrocketed by 25 times compared to previous numbers, and overall website purchases saw a remarkable surge of approximately 63%.

Our Approach

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