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“The essence of luxury is not in things, but in experiences." ~ Antoine Arnault

At Harsh Mann Luxury Consultancy, we don't pick one between strategy & creativity, we embrace both! Our approach involves thorough brand research and a commitment to enhancing and aligning with the specific brand we are working with. This means that we continuously explore new ideas and innovate with a key focus on creative storytelling.The mere adoption of an approach is insufficient if not underpinned by a foundation of solid principles. Collaborating with HMLC is synonymous with embracing our unwavering values. One can say that our values and culture are the stars of the show, and we're happy to be the supporting cast!

Meet the Founder

Luxury is a desire for All
~Harsh Mann

Our Founder, Mr. Harsh Mann, established the agency with an extraordinary vision of transforming India into a premium and luxury destination with its exclusive brands reigning in the global market.

Driven by the desire to bring about an unprecedented transformation in the Indian marketplace, Mr. Mann strives to introduce inventive and creative solutions, raising the bar for the Indian luxury market with his unrivalled expertise in the luxury domain.

With a master's degree from a prestigious institute in Paris, and over a decade of experience working with top international and Indian luxury brands, Mr. Mann's profound industry insights have positioned him as a game-changer for the Indian luxury market.

Supported by distinguished research companies such as Credit Suisse and Bain and Company, his forecasts and analysis of the future of the Indian luxury market have been proven accurate.

Additionally, his guidance on luxury brand building and his critical opinions on Consumer behaviour and Luxury Marketing strategies are highly sought after by significant research organizations. His expertise has earned him a coveted place in esteemed platforms like American Marketer, Luxury Daily, Entrepreneur India, and the Times of India, to name a few.