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Curious minds think alike! Here are some frequently asked questions to satisfy your curiosity.

We have transform your ideas into remarkable digital products with an innovative and contemporary style. We specialize in creative minimalist projects. We have many years of experience in the profession. View our portfolio with detailed descriptions and order for yourself! We have transform your ideas into remark digital products with an innovative style.

Why should I choose a boutique agency over a full commercial agency?

Bigger is not always better! A boutique agency comes with multiple benefits: 

Bespoke Experience: A boutique agency offers a customised experience to every client. The agency works with select accounts which allows the team to focus on and understand the intricacies of each client. A boutique agency always focuses on quality over quantity!

Flexible Approach: A boutique agency encourages innovation & growth over following strict SOPs which bounds one’s talents. There is no one strategy fits all rule, we create customised strategies & roadmaps for each client. 

Expertise & Knowledge: A boutique agency is more precise. It consists of highly specialised people who are experts in their respective fields. This allows the client to access the best-in-class talent & work with top-notch experts in the industry. 

Single Unit:A boutique agency works as a single unit to create a smooth and seamless experience for its clients. The entire team is accountable for the work delivered instead of a particular department.

You have only worked with luxury brands, can you give equally top-notch services to a mass brand?

Luxury comes at the top of the pyramid. The agency has reached to the top by crossing all the lower levels. Thus, we as an agency possess inherent talent to strategically work with mass brands as well. We fully understand the consumer psychology towards everyday products & services as we reach the cream audience by bypassing the mass audience. It is rather easy for us to make our way with a mass brand!

What is your service area?

Harsh Mann Luxury Consultancy is a 360-degree luxury brand management agency. We act as a one-stop solution for all your brand-related needs. Broadly speaking, we offer the following services: 
Branding Services
Brand Consultation & Brand Strategy Services 
Social Media & Digital Marketing 
Luxury Website Design & Development
Luxury Training & Workshop
Luxury Marketing 
Ad Campaign & Photoshoot 
Creative Partner 
Visual Merchanding

What would be the turnaround period for any project?

The turnaround period depends on the number of deliverables. The minimum period can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. Rest, we have also completed & delivered complicated projects within a week as per the need of the client. Thus another advantage of a personalized boutique agency, going above and beyond for the clients!

Does the agency take care of the printing needs?

Some of the clients already have trustable printing vendors, and thus we share the printable files with them. 

But for others, we do recommend and suggest the print vendors they can reach out to & we can also guide them in the selection of inks, paper quality, paper weight, & other materials. 

We can also get the high-quality printing done from the agency end but that comes at an additional cost & in case we have to courier the printed collaterals, the charges for the same are borne by the client.

What if we are not based out of Delhi or Delhi-NCR? Would be able to work for us?

Sure. We have successfully worked with International clients, whom we have never met offline!

The world is virtual today and thus we are fully capable of catering o your brand requirements virtually.

What if you haven’t done any work in my industry before?

We understand the inhibition in such cases, but the core design principles are the same for any industry. How one strategically plays around with the core principles determines the magic of the outcome. In fact, if the agency has not worked in your industry can be an advantage for you as it will stay away from the industry cliches & already done and-dusted ideas. Instead, the creative agency will bring in a new and fresh perspective on your industry and will thus allow your brand & product to shine the brightest.

What industries do you work with as an agency?

HMLC, as an agency, holds expertise in the Luxury Marketplace. Thus, we cater to every industry that falls under the luxury domain- Fashion, Beauty, Premium FMCG, Automotive, Jewellery & Gemstones, Production Houses, Home Decor, Lifestyle, Creative, Real Estate, Legal, and Hospitality- to name a few!

What all services are in-house?

All the services offered are in-house services. HMLC has its own in-house team, database & frameworks to cater to all your luxury & premium brand needs.

Does the agency share editable/open files?

Yes, the agency provides open files for services like luxury brand-building services (Logo, Colour palette, Typography, Brand patterns) and printable deliverables. 

But for deliverables like Social Media Creatives, Digital Marketing Creatives, Ad Campaigns, Luxury Marketing Creatives, and others, the agency charges an additional cost to share the open files as the agency is basically sharing its internal work.

How can I know HMLC is the right agency for me?

At HMLC, we foster our agency values to the extent that we are not afraid to say no to a project which we believe is not suitable either for us or for the client approaching us.  

We maintain full transparency and give full access to the client to go through our previous work & portfolios for them to make a final call. 

If you like our body of work and our design approach then, voila! We are ready to rock & roll together! 

We deliver more than what we promise & our customer service is what makes us stand apart from other agencies.

What are the ways to communicate with the agency when onboard?

At HMLC, we maintain transparent and open communication with the clients. 

Usually, we create a Whatsapp Group with the required team members from both parties and keep the client updated on the progress and timelines of the project. 

Some clients, especially overseas clients, prefer Email communication and thus we create an Email thread for all project-related communications. 

For detailed discussions & presentations, we schedule Google Meets with the client for a clear and better understanding of both parties.