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Visual merchandising

In the earlier twentieth century, as retail business started to grow, it became important for establishments to have a visual display of goods in order to attract customers. The store’s windows were usually used to creatively display the merchandise. As years passed artistic window displays made a part of the overall design of the store. In the later years artists like Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol created window displays. This art eventually developed and took form of Visual Merchandising.

At HM Luxury Consultancy we believe that an effective inside store merchandising can add to a brand’s personality. It should be a part of a comprehensive retail brand strategy like the signage and images used in the store. A good visual merchandising campaign should help your brand distinguish itself from the others, create loyalty and improve the value perception in the consumer’s mind. We offer:

Tech visual merchandising
Non- Tech visual merchandising
Sustainability visual merchandising
Instore props
Creative window display

Luxury stores use various merchandising tricks to build an air of exclusivity, style and affluence of their brand. Visual merchandising is all about utilising the available store-space by creating an experience for the customers using creative ways of placing the products and other similar techniques.

Mr Harsh Mann, founder of HM Luxury Consultancy, with his expertise in luxury brands and a keen eye for style, understands the importance and effectiveness of Visual merchandising for the success of luxury brands. He is one of the few Luxury professionals in the world who understands and helps you implement Sensorial Visual Merchandising.

Sensorial Visual Merchandising

Sensorial merchandising tries to influence the customer’s state of mind from a sensory perspective by deploying techniques that appeal to his senses (Sight, Sound, touch, etc.) and evoke reactions which increase the inclination to acquire the products or services. This is done keeping the brand’s personality in mind and create an experience that makes the customer spend more time in the store thereby increasing the chances of a sale. Some basic visual merchandising rules that we follow are:

Focussed displays

Displays at a 90 degree angle to the customer

Use a balanced mix of height and colours in the display

Demand based product positioning

Inside Store Visual Merchandising

As the name suggests, inside store visual merchandising is used create an experience for the customer while he is in the store. Understanding and analysing your target customers is an essential prerequisite to an effective inside store visual merchandising strategy. Some factors that need to be considered are:

Layout of the store

Design of the store

Various displays


Luxury products are more about the emotions associated with the brand; emotions of prestige, success and opulence. Visual merchandising is your opportunity to make the customer experience these emotions and create a bond with your brand. Our team of professionals, following the belief of ‘applying unique and innovative ideas to luxury’, can help you create a focussed and effective Visual merchandising plan.

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