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“Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future generation’s ability to meet their own needs.”

Luxury brands are ubiquitous. The reputation of the brand and the consumer’s value perception are paramount to the success of these brands. People are increasingly becoming aware and conscious about the effects of our manufacturing industries on nature. Luxury brands can no longer ignore the sustainability of their products. By incorporating sustainability as an integral aspect of the brand, you can catapult your image as a responsible luxury brand.

At HM Luxury Consultancy, we understand the pervasive problem of sustainability faced by luxury brands. Increasingly, people have started believing that sustainability can create value and are trying to equate it with luxury. With our team of experts, we provide Sustainability consulting across:




Luxury has always been associated with heritage and class. If luxury brands do not adopt socially and environmentally sustainable practices, then heritage might hold no meaning in the not so distant future. With the world connected through various social media platforms, it can take one message of lack of sustainability as a brand by someone sitting miles across to create an irreparable dent in your reputation.

Mr Harsh Mann, founder of HM Luxury Consultancy and a known face in the luxury industry, believes that building a sustainable business is the need of the hour. Millennials, the future consumers, care about the sustainability issue and appreciate brands that are socially and environmentally responsible. The ‘Butterfly Mark’ introduced by Positive Luxury, is a testimonial of the increasing awareness of sustainability among luxury brands.

Reduction of carbon emission

Carbon footprint is an ostensibly overused phrase. What is simply means is the best possible estimate we can get of a product or a lifestyle or a company or anything, impacting the climate change. We help you study the entire lifecycle of the carbon footprint right from sourcing the raw materials, to manufacture, to storage, to packing, to retailing and distribution. Once that is identified, then starts the process of reducing the footprint one step at a time. Our team of experts, with their expertise and experience in reducing carbon emission can help you achieve the image of a sustainable luxury brand.

Social and Environmental Sustainability

Social sustainability, which currently has not yet gained much of a spotlight, is the ability to develop a business that meets the needs of the current community without compromising on the future generation’s ability to maintain a prosperous community. Environmental sustainability is about conserving the natural resources and attempting to craft processes that highly energy efficient. Our experts assist you in understanding the community where your business is situated and conduct social activities that can project your brand as socially sustainable.

Sustainability is a luxury that we, as a world, are trying to achieve. It is the responsibility of luxury brands to step-up and be forerunners in this fight against pollution and dwindling natural resources.

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