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“Luxury is in the detail” Count Hubert Givenchy, founder of ‘The House of Givenchy’, 1952

Those were the days when luxury was about owning brands,postappraisingthe heritage, design and quality of the brand and the products. With the digital revolution, as the business of retail evolved, luxury brands were faced with the need to evolveand give their clients a memorable ‘experience’. Retail business has changed manifold over the last decade. Buyers are more informed and well-versed with their sellers and luxury brands have crossed the threshold of being far-fetched to being within the daily lives of the consumers. Social media has made millennial consumers change the way they see brands. The success lies in how you make your brand stand out and be a part of not only your consumer’s mind but also their hearts.

In the twenty-first century, some questions faced by luxury brands worldwide are:

How do we build a brand-loyal client relationship?
How do we integrate the traditional and digital store formats to create a luxurious experience?
What should be the best marketing strategy to increase targeted customer engagement?

Mr Harsh Mann, founder of HM Luxury consulting, with a rich experience as a Luxury Brand Consultant, Strategic Marketing Consultant and having handled various projects in Retail Consulting and Visual Merchandising, understands these concerns and endeavours to help them find their bearings in the ever-changing tide of the retail market.

With a surge in the number of high-street brands, the gap between them and luxury brands is slowly diminishing as the high-street brands are deploying the modus operandi of providing a brand experience and personalised service. We help your customers understand the finesse and exclusivity of luxury brands by offering our expertise in:

Retail Concept Development
Right Sensorial Mix in Retail
Tech Solutions in Retail
Virtual Reality in Retail
Luxury Retail Experience & Shopping Experience
Retail Training & Wholesale Strategy
Franchising Model
Consumer Market Study
Distribution & Logistic Support
Buying Strategy, Planning & Budgeting
Future Trends

In retailing, one of the biggest differentiators between luxury and other brands is the Push-Pull concept. While most brands identify their customers and “Push” products towards them, Luxury brands should try to “Pull” their customers towards them by positioning themselves as an exclusive and elusive brand..

The importance of the presence of stores, offline and online, should never be undermined. By studying consumer psychology and conducting extensive market research, we help your brand finalise the location and look-and-feel of your retail stores. We also analyse and highlight future trends in retail and in your domain to help you stay ahead of the game.

We can assure you of a comprehensive and tailor-made strategy to help you carve your niche in the market and rise above the competition. We believe that shopping for luxury products or services should be an unforgettable experience and we help you achieve that for your customers. It is our promise to be with you right from conceptualising to long term execution of the retail plan for your brand.

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