Mamicha is a premium fashion brand for women. It is committed to challenging the fashion industry norms by curating clothes that are designed to support & enhance every shape, size & age of women.






Photoshoot & Art Direction

The concept

For the shoot for Mamicha's Pret collection, we drew inspiration from various flowers, culminating in the concept of "Gulzaar, the garden of flowers." 

This concept not only celebrated the beauty of individuality but also incorporated the brand's values of inclusivity and embracing diverse body sizes.

Just as each flower possesses its own significance and distinctive features, when united, they create a mesmerizing garden. Similarly, the concept emphasized the rarity and uniqueness of different women, highlighting that when they come together, they form a harmonious, nurturing, and powerful collective.

The shoot beautifully captured the essence of the collection, portraying the unity and strength found in celebrating individuality, ultimately showcasing a collection that resonates with women from all walks of life.

The problem

Problem Identification

The Pret collection was an expansive and diverse assortment, featuring an array of silhouettes. A significant challenge arose during the shoot, as we had to seamlessly capture the collection in a single session, accommodating four models with distinct body types. Our objective was to skillfully blend the collection garments with the brand's values while ensuring that the focus remained on the garments themselves rather than shifting towards the models.

The solution

HMLC Solution

  1. Concept Development: 

With the concept of Gulzaar, we artfully employed various flowers as a metaphor to represent the diverse shapes and sizes of women. This concept allowed us to embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual, much like the distinct beauty found in different flowers. By drawing parallels between the two, we showcased a powerful and inclusive narrative that celebrated the diversity and individuality of women in all their splendid forms.

  1. Models: 

Through meticulous research and selection, we handpicked models who embodied and exemplified the brand's core values. In a departure from the typical industry standards of lean and tall models, we sought out individuals who were unique and diverse in their own right. By consciously selecting models that deviated from the conventional norms, we successfully showcased the brand's commitment to inclusivity, authenticity, and embracing diverse beauty standards.

  1. Shoot Moodboard: 

By meticulously designing the shoot mood board, we were able to establish a clear vision for the colours and overall mood of the setup. This invaluable tool served as a guiding reference, enabling us to effectively capture and embody the essence of the desired set. With careful attention to detail and a focus on visual cohesion, the mood board played a vital role in ensuring that the final result aligned harmoniously with the intended aesthetic and atmosphere.

  1. Creative Direction: 

We took charge of the entire shoot setup, including the selection and arrangement of props, elements, backdrops, and the direction of poses. Every aspect was closely monitored and carefully executed to ensure the best possible results. 

  1. Elements of Luxury: 

With a keen focus on luxury, we seamlessly integrated various elements into the shoot, such as meticulous attention to detail, exquisite craftsmanship on garments, authentic designs, and compelling storytelling. Following the HMLC Luxe Framework, we meticulously curated the entire shoot to exude a premium look and feel.

  1. Capture the shots: 

By carefully selecting the appropriate lenses and employing skilful lighting techniques, we captured shots that not only showcased the garments in their best light but also effectively communicated the brand's core values. Each photograph was meticulously composed to emphasize the beauty and intricacies of the garments, while simultaneously conveying the underlying message and essence of the brand.

  1. Editing: 

we carefully shortlisted and edited the final captured shots to cater to various purposes. During the editing process, we prioritized maintaining consistent lighting and refrained from altering the colour of the garments. By skillfully editing the images, we sought to showcase the natural beauty of the models while preserving the authenticity and integrity of the brand's values.

Our Approach

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