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Luxury Training

There is a plethora of skills that go behind offering luxury services to customers. Understanding luxury from different cultural and socio-economical perspectives and imbibing the art of selling luxury products can take a lifetime to master.

At HM Luxury Consultancy, we offer trainings and workshops in selling luxury, incorporating professional selling skills, customer excellence and selling luxury cars, to name a few. Understanding certain nuances of selling a luxury product can help you distinguish your brand and create an indelible mark in the minds of your customers.

When we look at the current structure of the Retail & Sales training, it can be noted that the sales teams are being trained towards making a sale rather than retaining the customers. This is something that the employers need to focus, by providing their employees with the right training in the art of selling. Luxury retail training is a concept that requires the cultivation of certain skillsets in customer excellence, product specifics and industry knowledge.

It is because of this reason that more emphasis needs to be put on the retail sales training which will help develop individual sales teams by maximising their productivity and join the league of high- performance sellers.

We at HM Luxury Consultancy strive to assist our clients in the formation of such an environment that creates an exquisite experience at every customer touchpoint, empowering them to forward their luxury retail approach.

We offer the following list of trainings and workshops:

Customer Excellence

Art of Selling luxury

Selling to HNIs

Selling Luxury Property

Selling Luxury Cars

Polished Professional

Customer Engagement

High Performance Selling

Perfect Gentlemen

Handling Complaints

Marketing to Luxury Consumer


Whether you are a seasoned professional, a junior/middle level manager, a sales officer or a customer facing store assistant, we offer training packages for all. You can never be too experienced to learn. There are always demons to be fought and newer techniques to be implemented. Mr Harsh Mann, founder of HM Luxury Consultancy, with his unparalleled experience in the luxury industry spearheads these training programs and workshops. We ensure that the people representing your brand – the employees – are in sync with your brand ideals.

High Performance Selling

We believe that luxury selling is not merely about inducing a sale. It is a journey which begins by understanding and aligning with the customer’s emotions and needs, acquiring their trust, developing a long term association and maintaining the relationship. These are the foundation blocks of high performance selling. Our team of expert trainers will help you maximise every moment that you interact with the customers.

Body Language

Body language is a very powerful tool. We had body language before we had speech. Apparently, 80% of what we understand in a conversation is read through the body, not the words.

Deborah Bull

At HM Luxury Consultancy, we believe that body language is the strongest non-verbal communication tool available to people in the luxury industry. It’s not merely about having an effective body language, but also about reading the non-verbal signs of your clients efficiently. This coupled with impeccable grooming can help you establish the exclusivity of your brand.

Strategic Pricing

The price of your product is arguably of the most important aspects which determines the success of your products. Luxury is not about affordability. However, the knowledge of the psychology of your customers and cultural diversities can help you match the perceived value of your brand in people’s minds. With case studies from the real world, we help you find answers to the plethora of question around strategic pricing and help you understand the holistic approach needed before pricing your products.

We endeavour to help you change the customer’s value perception of your products by equipping you with the requisite tools via our extensive trainings and workshops. Our mentor, Mr Harsh Mann, believes that luxury is an incontrovertible desire of people and you as a luxury professional need the right tools to create an exclusive experience.

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