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One of the most effective strategies to market the luxury products and creating brand value and pricing power is by highlighting the exclusive elements of the said products. These can include the originating country, artisanship involved, handmade or ever-elusive elite clientele.

The effectiveness of this strategy depends a lot on the Creative Marketing methodology deployed by the brand. All the communication from the brand should be focussed on building its image as desired. Most brands incorporate print and digital communication, press coverage, special events, sensorial marketing and social media to create an impression of being unique, exclusive and timeless.

When it comes to promoting a brand, our consultancy serves our clients in a wide array of marketing techniques and ideas depending upon the budget and effort they plan on spending. Even if a company has a low budget, we don’t let them fall out on the opportunity to invest wise.

Use of buzz marketing or in other words also known as guerrilla marketing, is one such technique which relies on strictly unconventional marketing strategies and high imagination that connects with the audience in a way that results in maximum retention with the minimum of investment.

To be able to come up with creative guerrilla marketing tactics is what we expertise in and formulating tailor-made campaigns to get the right buzz for our clients is what we aspire to equip the brands

The quality of your communication will be the quality of your business

It’s simple. If you want the customers to understand the difference between luxury and non-luxury products, then your communication should reflect it too. At HM Luxury Consultancy, we believe that luxury is an aesthetic expression of life. Our Creative Marketing team ensures that the following aspects are in sync with your brand values:

All types of Marketing Content Creation
Sensorial Marketing
Guerilla Marketing
AR and VR Marketing
FOMO Marketing
Sustainable Marketing
Millennial Marketing
Pop up Marketing
Public Relation
Fashion Show and Events
ATL Marketing
BTL Marketing
TTL Marketing

Most successful luxury brands follow certain rules when it comes to their marketing and communication plan.

  • Establish an identity
  • Don’t always give in to your customer’s demands
  • Do not make sale oriented advertisements – highlight uniqueness instead
  • Keep the supply always short of the demand

We help you with merchandising, collaborations, relationship networking and pop up stores to ensure that you communicate to your targeted customers and non-targeted customers alike. This is essential because a product is deemed luxurious when more people know about the brand than those who actually can afford to purchase it. It might seem counterintuitive to many but it goes a long way in making your brand synonymous with opulence, grandeur and affluence..

We have been asked this question by many luxury brand owners. And our answer to all of them is YES. Most certainly. As the digital world is moving from strength to strength, the gap between the real and digital world will soon disappear. Luxury brands need to look at the possibility of reaching out to billions of people as an opportunity to communicate the magnificence of your brand to the world..

Yes, you read that right. A luxury brand should have heritage value associated with it. By focusing only on sales, many luxury brands have found themselves on the brink of being considered high-street at best. For a luxury brand to be timeless, the quality needs to be preserved which needs to be communicated to customers as well. You will be surprised to see the willingness in customers to visit your brick and mortar store to buy an exclusive product

As a luxury brand, we understand your creative marketing needs and ensure that you do good business while maintaining the image of being a brand for the elite.

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